My work is about trying to capture a place or a feeling in an abstracted and simplified way – cutting away to get to the essence of what needs to be said or conveyed. Nature and the places around me inspire me a great deal. I can never get enough of seeing old buildings or streets and wide open fields! Walks in the woods, day trips in the car to explore and go on an adventure –the things I see bubble up through my subconscious and into my sketchbooks or into cut paper pieces. I grew up in the country, in a village near Salisbury, so I have always had near me that mix of space and a bustling market town.

I love paper........ It has a wonderful coolness and warmth, and it’s such a material of our everyday lives it feels very familiar. It’s fantastic to cut into! I mainly use a scalpel to cut into a single sheet, taking pieces away to make a shape come to the surface and then adding colour from behind and then cutting into the surface again. I use other techniques too - folding a piece of paper in half and cutting with scissors to make something symmetrical or painting sheets of paper with acrylic and making much more intuitive collages where I am chopping and placing pieces.

I started paper cutting back in 2007 after many years of making textiles. I actually trained in carpet design as the then UK's only Carpet Design degree course in the Midlands. I tried my hand at all sorts from designing for printed textiles, making ecclesiastical textiles for churches, did in house rug designing and exhibited my textile hangings until I suddenly found paper cutting by chance by making stencils and seeing Wycianki - traditional Polish paper cutting. I started to experiment with simple things and the more I did the more I loved it and the work I made became more complex and varied. I now often work to commission, exhibit regularly, have had my work licensed and now available as greetings cards and tote bags in shops and museums.

Cambridge Art Book - My work was selected to be featured in the Cambridge Art Book - the brainchild of fellow collage artist Emma Bennett. Emma thought it would be great to get a wide range of artist's interpretations of the beautiful city of Cambridge complied together in a book and so started the hunt for artists work to be brought together in this wonderful book. Now on its second reprint, it's been hugely successful and has gone on to include the Edinburgh Art Book and Oxford Art Book in the series. It's wonderful to be involved in the Cambridge Art Book and great to see my pieces going out to the wider world. The Punts and the Grantchester Orchard pieces are both sold.

Select Exhibitions:


Still Life (mixed) Mar to April - Byard Art, Cambridge

Along Your Street (mixed) May to June - Byard Art, Cambridge


Along Your Street (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge

Christmas Cracker (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge

Spring Exhibition (mixed) - The Art Nest, Hitchin, Herts

Cambridge Art Show (Cambridge Art Book artists) Sept to Nov 15 - Addenbrooke's Art, Cambridge

Cambridge Art Fair (September) - Quy Mill, Cambridge


Letters to Letchworth (solo) – Broadway Gallery, Letchworth

Cambridge Art Book (solo) – Cambridge Art Fair

Down your Street - (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge


Cutting the Curve (solo show) - Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge

Down Your Street (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge

Bedfordshire & Beyond (solo show) - Xhibit @ Priory House, Central Bedfordshire Council


Slice of Life (solo) -Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum

Views and Shoes (solo)- Alfred East Art Gallery, Kettering


Eastern Approaches (mixed) - Museum of St. Albans,Hertfordshire

Art for Lovers (solo) - A&K Wilson Gallery, Harpenden,Hertfordshire

Summer Show (mixed)- Byard Art, Cambridge

Dot To Dot Gallery ( solo) - Letchworth,Hertfordshire

Christmas Cracker (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge


Writing on the Wall (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge

Summer Stories (solo) - Letchworth Art Centre, Hertfordshire


Artisan (mixed ) - Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery

Christmas Cracker (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge

A Paper Garden City (solo) - Letchworth Art Centre,Hertfordshire

Affordable Art Fair (mixed) - Hampstead, London

Affordable Art Fair (mixed) - Battersea, London

Alphabet (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge

Jubilee (mixed)- Byard Art, Cambridge

Affordable Art Fair - Byard Art stand

East Anglia Revealed - Byard Art, Cambridge


Affordable Art Fair (mixed) - Battersea, London

Capturing Cambridge (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge

Christmas Cracker (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge


Of my Head and my Heart (solo) - Letchworth Art Centre

Christmas Cracker (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge


Affordable Art Fair (mixed) - Battersea Park, London

Lannock Art Festival (mixed) - Weston,Hertfordshire

People, Paper, Prayers (solo) - Central Methodist Church, Letchworth

Creatures of the Soul and of the Earth (solo) - Letchworth Art Centre

Summer Show (mixed)- Byard Art, Cambridge


Spring Affordable Art Fair (mixed)- Battersea Park, London

Your body and my Body (solo) - Hitchin Museum,Hertfordshire

Drawing with a Knife (solo) - Hitchin Museum and Art Gallery

Paper, Scissors, Stone (solo) - Garden City Heritage Museum, Letchworth,Hertfordshire

Paper Trail - Byard Art, Cambridge


Angels, Saints and Dancers (solo) - solo show, Letchworth Art Centre

Knowing Bodies (solo) - Letchworth Art Centre

Being alive (solo) - Letchworth Art Centre, Hertfordshire

Christmas Cracker (mixed) - Byard Art, Cambridge