​Paper cutting is a fantastic way of making art! At its simplest it’s a medium that involves cutting away shapes from paper for another shape to appear. Think of the yin and yang symbol. The white area is formed by the shape of the black area. It’s a bit of a rub your tummy and tap your head technique! What’s so magical about it is that it can be very logical and yet emotional too. Simple things can look fantastic straightaway so if you can use scissors, then you can do paper cutting!

You don’t need lots of expensive equipment to get started or need a large area to work in. All you need is table space per person of about 2-3”, good light, a sturdy work surface, cutting board and a craft knife or scissors. It’s very clean too so no messy paints to juggle are you are tight for space. Paper cutting is great for relaxation and mindfulness as it’s totally absorbing! You will find that time simply disappears when you get paper cutting. It’s also great for hand eye co-ordination so really helps with extending drawing skills and compositional skills.



Taster workshops are a good introduction to paper cutting for beginners but also for more advanced pupils who want to broaden their experience of translating different subject matter into cut paper. Translating flowers or cutting out text involves different ways of drawing and designing for paper cutting for example.

Workshop length: 2 – 3 hours (morning, afternoon or evening sessions)

In the workshop you will learn the two main techniques of paper cutting – cutting away negative and positive space. You will use a template specially designed by me for that particular workshop that you can customise if you would like to to make it more personal. You will learn how to use and glue different coloured papers and end the workshop with a beautiful completed and ready to frame work of art.


Extended workshops run over a day, generally from 10 – 4 pm. These workshops allow much more time to focus on designing and making your own unique piece of cut paper art. You will learn the main techniques but design from scratch you own piece of art. An all day workshop really gives you the time and space to learn much more about drawing, designing and composing for paper cutting as well as much more information about what papers to use and materials suppliers. I will also direct you to look at other paper cutting artists to see the different ways of working with cut paper.

Scroll down to the end of this page to read the workshops structure.....

I am always happy to answer questions about the workshops I run, so do use the contact form if there is something you want to know or if you are a venue and want to book me. Here are some common questions asked:

What will I achieve on a workshop?

I design my workshops in detail to guarantee you will go home having made something beautiful that's ready to frame and enjoy. You will learn techniques and ways of working that you can use straight after the workshops to start your own personal journey of paper cutting. I will also direct you to supplies of materials needed and how to order direct. All materials are supplied on each workshop so all you have to do is come along!

How much does a workshop cost?

Prices for workshops vary in price depending on the venue. Please click on the calendar to see upcoming workshops. Each listing will tell you how much each workshop is and how to book.

Can my son/daughter come with me?

Children aged 14 and over can attend a workshop that's intended primarily for adults. Its actually really lovely for parents/grandparents to attend workshops with children because of the learning together. I get lots of parents who come with children who are good at art and on GCSE or A level courses and want to use the techniques I teach to help them in their studies.

Do you do one-to-one teaching?

Yes, please contact me if you would like to have individual tuition.

Do I have to stick with the template you supply?

Not at all. I am very happy for you to work on your own design. The template is very good to start with as its takes a bit of time to adjust to the thinking involved in paper cutting. I design my workshops for all abilities and using a template that can be changed and tweaked allows for that.

What themes are your workshops based on?

I have different themes of workshops that you can come on or I can deliver. Have a look on the "See What's Made" page for examples. These are:

Workshops for ADULTS:

Workshop Structure

1. Introduction and demo.......

I show you up close examples from my portfolio explaining and describing how pieces are made and where the inspiration comes from through sketchbooks and support material.

2. Health and Safety demo and talk......

Health and Safety is very important. At each workshop I give very clear instructions and demonstrate in front of the group how to cut paper safely with correct positioning of the craft knife and essential use of safety cutting boards. I have Public Liability up to £5 million and haven’t ever had accidents.

3. Demonstration using the template.....

I demonstrate on a template that I design for each workshop. These are customisable, so you can stick with the set shapes if you would like or they can be easily tweaked to make the piece more uniquely your own.

4. Paper cutting begins! ......

Its time now for everyone to start cutting. I give individual help and advice to each person in the room, rotating around so everyone gets the help they need. I give lots of lots of encouragement and praise to each person so that they can really feel they are achieving as they make their pieces.

5. Adding colour demonstration.....

If the workshop involves colour, I do additional demonstrating of the techniques used to add layers of colour along with instructions about what glues to use and best coloured papers to use.

6. Wrapping up the session.....

Its great to get the chance for everyone to share the work they have made so the last bit of the workshop involves looking at each others pieces in a table top gallery. This is also the time to gather papers that you would like to take home and ask me about further info to take your paper cutting further.

Some of the lovely feedback I receive after the workshops.....