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Latest solo exhibition now on - " Letter to Letchworth" in the Foyer at the Broadway Gallery (in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire) is a very poignant and personal set of three pieces which are thank you letters to the town I have lived in and near for the last 25 years. The three pieces are based on three key places/buildings - the outdoor pool, the paddling pool and the Settlement - chosen to represent the head, body and spirit. Two pieces comprise a cut paper letter, whilst the final piece features a hand written letter from me to The Settlement.

I am really lucky to have been selected as one of the 50 artist featured in the fantastic new "Cambridge Art Book" which due to be published on 18 July, right in the centre of town at Heffers Bookshop. Its the brain child of collage artist Emma Bennett and brings together a wealth of visual riches; a wide range of artists perspective on Cambridge and the area. I had three pieces chosen for the book.... I'll post which ones to show you!

The Spring Celebration day at Howard Park in Letchworth was fantastic! Children and adults of all ages made clay faces that we sculpted onto a beautiful old oak tree in the centre of the park. It was a full on day with wooden boat making as well as willow spring crowns.

Do have a look at the video of the faces HERE

Sometimes you just get fab post! This arrived today from Geraint Luff who commissioned me to do the art work for his CD release of his album Paper Thunderstorm. Its the first time I have ever done anything like this and it was a challenge because the image is an amalgam of lots of image ideas and places, so involved just free drawing and cutting away with my scalpel. Its a piece I am really proud of actually. Its fantastic to see the CD in the flesh!

I'm really excited to announce that I have now put five of my most popular images onto tote bags! You can now buy them direct ( The Broadway Cinema and the Cottage and the Wellingtons ones) from David's Bookshop in Letchworth as well at the Tourist Information Centre.

I'm a bit of a craft fair virgin really! I don't do many of these but it was lovely to be included in the Made in Bedford Artisan Fair this saturday. I got the chance to chat to lots of interesting people, and get the chance too to meet people in the flesh that I have only nmet virtually! That was fab, it really was!

Really thrilled to be chosen again for Cambridge Edition Magazine cover. Even more so this time as this is my new painted paper collage work and it hasn't been seen much outside the studio. I love this way of working and I am keen to do a lot more!

So incredibly chuffed to have my art featured on 7(!) of Cambridge Edition magazine. Its such a thrill and great to see my work in print in magazine. I love it being really accessible :-) and exciting to thing where the magazines head to when they are published.

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I'm am delighted to be featured again on the front of February's Cambridge Edition magazine. This is my Round Church piece, cut from brown packing paper and acid free Ingre pastel Paper. Its one of my favourite buildings in the city.

This will be my 6th cover for Cambridge Edition, so this really is exciting times!!

I am delighted to say three of my cut paper collages have been picked to feature in the new upcoming Cambridge Art Book!

Its very exciting to be picked! Click HERE to read more on the Facebook page!