The Beech Wood.......

I grew up on the chalk in a village just near Salisbury in Wiltshire. Surrounded by fields in a 50’s bungalow my parents built on land from my grandfather – the place I was literally formed was a world of Shepherd’s Purse, big skies and space. It was a place of climbing trees, bike rides, and being-home-by-5-for-tea. The view from the kitchen window was a big vista that stretched from the Green Barn, to Bentley Wood and then the far distant lights of Fawley power station at Southampton.

Chalk and Trees.

Ancient paths.

Ways that have been trod and trod.

This was my home.

And in the different places I have lived, I have searched out the beech woods, the chalk and the grass meadows. These collages are pieces inspired by just one of those places – Sharpenhoe Clappers in Bedfordshire.

"Beech Tree Branches and the Blue Sky"

Beech Trees and the Blue Sky

"The Torn Wood and the Fallen Leaves"

"The Autumn Trees"

"The Hedgerow and the Berries"

"Winter Trees and the Sunshine"

"Through the Beech Trees"

"Beech Leaves in the Autumn"

"The Autumn Path"