Belton House, Grantham, Lincolnshire

In all the travelling back and forth to Nottinghamshire to see family over the last 6+ years, I had never visited Belton House until I moved to the area just a year ago. I did a workshop and put the money towards a National Trust membership and as Belton is literally on my doorstep, I can pop in and visit the house and ground often. I have had a membership before when I lived in Letchworth, but there aren't many National Trust properties there to be honest so it was a bit of an underused membership then. Its all different here! It's a real treat being so near me and lots of other National trust properties near me too to visit. Its a lovely honey coloured house, with these wonderfully expansive grounds around it, especially at the front so you get to see the house very much sat in a wider landscape. It's really stunning. I haven't been in the house yet! so a treat to come....

Blue Lagoon in Arlesey, Bedfordshire

This was very near where I used to live. It is a beautiful expanse of water, that was wonderful to walk up to and sit beside and gather my thoughts. It has a very troubled history however, beyond the sailing and diving club that now uses it. Its very near what was the Three Counties Asylum. A Victorian hospital for the treatment of mental illness. Some of the treatments were terrible and the lagoon was the nearest place where many ended their lives. As time went on the hospital was used to treat shell shocked soldiers in the First World War, much of their rehabilitation now part of understanding PTSD. Read more about the Blue Lagoon HERE.

The Blue Lagoon at Arlesey

High Peak, Derbyshire

In 2017 we went on holiday to Derbyshire but only had actually a couple of days to explore before tripping down the holiday cottage rental step and ending up at A&E with a badly twisted ankle. It was miserable to be honest. For the first few days all I could do was put it up as it was badly swollen. That meant car trips and me sat in the back, feeling chauffeured and feeling fed up. Drawing out of the window was a sort of solution, but it wasn't until we went back this year for another holiday, that I got the chance to do more drawings on the walks when we stayed just near Elton.

Stanage Edge, Derbyshire

A sketch made after a walk up to Stanage Edge in Derbyshire. I had never been before and it was just stunning - at the top its a 360 degree view of a stunning bit of Derbyshire. So good to get up that high, above the world and take time out from everything.

Stevington Windmill, Bedfordshire

Tucked away in the more northern bit of Bedfordshire is the beautiful Stevington Windmill. In the summer its hugged with fields of wheat and you can sit and listen to it crackle and pop as it ripens.

Easton Walled Garden, Lincolnshire

Another place I have driven past many, many times on my journey's up and down the A1 is Easton Walled Gardens. It's just by the sign for Burton Coggles, the name of a place that always makes me smile. I imagine Burton Goggles is some daring-do war pilot with a large waxed moustache and a joi de vivre par non. Afraid of nothing and up for adventure, a chap women love and men want to be like - you get the picture I am sure! The gardens are stunning, especially the walled garden which I sat and drew one late summer day. It feels like a magical world there, full of beauty.

Woodhall Spa Museum

We went to Woodhall Spa a couple of month ago. I knew a lot about its war time history, but nothing about it's Edwardian beginnings. And having lived in Letchworth Garden City for many years, it was a complete treat to be in a small town with Arts and Crafts buildings near. I have been missing home hugely and though its not little Letchy, it is very similar in places! I really loved it. This is the museum, a wonderful little metal cottage owned by a local photographer who documented the village in the 1900's.

Whitby Coastline, Bedfordshire

A very quick grabbed moment on the Whitby coastline on a short break for a few days back in 2015. I absolutely loved the area. So full of sights and history and very friendly people!

Oakham Castle, Rutland

Oakham Castle is a gem. Its is the finest surviving example of Norman domestic architecture in Europe and houses a collection of extraordinary horseshoes given by Peers of the Realm. Click HERE to read more about this wonderful place!

Yielden Castle & Motte, Bedfordshire

An ancient earthwork at Yielden in Bedfordshire. Sheep were actually behind me keeping me company and it was a hot, hot day so very welcome to just sit and draw. It felt like an old, many layered place of lives lived and spent.

Woolsthorpe Manor

This is a sketch from quite a few years ago but it marks a resonance for me from then to now. This is the birth place of Sir Isaac Newton, and this is the place where the apple dropped for him to make his great discovery/explanation of gravity. I have made very many images on Newton's Tree in Cambridge. Its a descendent of this one here, so that little apple pip as a reality and idea links to my life too. And now I have moved I am just near here and so looking forward to visiting again and draiwng that tree......