Boston, Lincolnshire

A town absolutely steeped in history from Roman times through to the present day, being especially the town from which the Pilgrim Fathers left England for the Netherlands, to escape religious persecution.

Babworth Church, Nottinghamshire

The spiritual home of the Pilgrim Fathers as its was here that Richard Clyfton preached influential sermons that had a strong effect on the men that went on to be the original Pilgrim Fathers: William Brewster from Scrooby and William Bradford from Austerfield.

Belton House, Lincolnshire

The stunning Grade 1 listed 17th century country house of Sir John Brownlow that is just outside Grantham and now owned by the National Trust.

River Smite & River Devon

The point at which two rivers meet, the Devon and the Smite, just near the village of Bottesford in Leicestershire. One warm and clear, the other cool and cloudy.

Blue Lagoon, Arlesey, Bedfordshire

This filled in gravel pit sits very near Fairfield Park. Now used by sailing, diving and fishing clubs - the lagoon has a dark and disturbing history in the lives of the inmates and staff of the Three Counties Asylum that is situated very nearby.

The Blue Lagoon at Arlesey

Stanage Edge, Derbyshire

Stanage Edge is a gritstone escarpment in the Peak District, England, famous as a location for climbing. At its highest point its 458 metres (1,503 ft) above sea level. Areas of Stanage were quarried in the past to produce grindstones, and some can still be seen on the hillside—carved, but never removed.

The Grantham Canal by the Dirty Duck Pub

Idyllic place to sit for a drink and watch the wildlife along the Grantham canal and look at the beautiful original bridge, and others too that can be found along this stretch of the restored canal.

Stevington Windmill, Bedfordshire

Stevington Mill was probably the last windmill in Britain working with four cloth covered sails, which were replaced in 1958 and again in 2004. The mill operated commercially, mostly grinding cattle feed, until 1939. It was purchased and restored in 1951 by Bedfordshire County Council, as part of the County's contribution to the Festival of Britain. It is now only intermittently open.

Easton Walled Garden, Lincolnshire

Owned by the Cholmeley family for over 400 years, Easton Walled Gardens nestle in a valley in South West Lincolnshire. The original gardens contained several walled enclosures around a medieval manor house. When the house was requisitioned during World War II, it used as a barracks and subsequently demolished. The gardens were brought back from the brink when restoration started in 2001.

Woodhall Spa Museum

This corrugated galvanised iron bungalow was erected in 1887 from a form of prefabricated early flat pack for John and Mary Wield. The Wields provided rides in bath chairs drawn by donkeys to carry visitors between the spa's health baths and hotels. John Wield created a photographic record of the then new Victorian spa community at Woodhall Spa and his photographic collection forms the basis of the Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum collection.

Oakham Castle, Rutland

The Castle is known for its extraordinary collection of horseshoes and recognised as one of the best examples of domestic Norman architecture in England.

Yielden Castle & Motte, Bedfordshire

Yielden Castle is one of the most complete examples of a motte, bailey and fishponds in Bedfordshire, located in the valley of the river Til.

Woolsthorpe Manor

The birth place of Sir Isaac Newton situated just off the A1, near Burton Coggles. Its a very notable place as the gardens have growing the very tree that Newton queried why apples dropped straight down to the earth and then onto the whole idea of gravity.