"Paper is such a wonderful material. It has a coolness and a warmth and there isn't anything quite like paper cutting. As you cut away an image is revealed from the surface, so you cut away more and the piece comes to be. It's totally absorbing. When I am working there is nothing I need apart from a piece of paper and a pair of scissors"

I am paper cutting & collage artist and I use a scalpel, scissors and layers of paper - paring down & abstracting, cutting away and adding shapes to capture a place and a time. My inspiration comes from the amazing and wonderful English architecture & landscapes around me which I find by exploring by car and bike and walking. Making my work is all aided by plenty of cups of tea, cake and toast! To find out much more - click HERE


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Vanessa Stone's Blog

Places & Spaces Collages

Scalpel cut, multi layered collages inspired by English places and spaces


Into the Woods Collages

Ripped, scalpel and scissor cut painted paper collages exploring the light and shadows of a beech and chalk land wood

The Colour People Collages

Scissor cut collages using painted papers to explore dance, energy and folk art themes

The Curiousity Trees Collages

Scissor cut symmetrical paper cuts & collages exploring quirky trees with lost shoe/teapot/eye leaves and furrowed fields......

See my work throughout the year at:

Byard Art, Kings Parade, Cambridge